Between The Bills Podcast

I host and produce a sexual politics podcast, Between The Bills: For Bodies Out Of Control, in collaboration with PULP Magazine.

PULP is a multimedia sex, sexuality and reproductive rights publication based out of California–exactly the place most folks think of when it comes to reproductive justice.

At least, they don’t think of the South. I get it! We’ve got a long history of racism and conservatism that often runs counter to progressive activism. But places with that kind of oppression, in turn, begin to resist.

However, those resistors have been left out of national conversations due to the stereotypes that have been created for us, which only places more barriers between vulnerable Southern communities and the movements that could help them. So, long story short, Between The Bills explores sexual politics in the Southeastern United States to ensure our regional voice is included in (inter)national conversations.

BTB gets to the heart of what is happening in reproductive rights in and around Georgia, focusing on those doing the powerful work of keeping rights intact: what’s going on “between the bills.” With theme music from Oakland-based queer synth band GAYmous, the episodes center around social justice, investigative journalism, and intimate conversations.

You can listen to Between The Bills on SoundCloud, Spotify, and PULP Mag. Logo art by Sebastian Bisbal.