Reported Pieces

Protesters Gather in Macon Under Threat of ICE Raids

Georgia Public Broadcasting: July 18, 2019

A crowd of protesters bowed their heads as Pastor Daniel Medina led them in a bilingual prayer on the steps of Macon City Hall as locals joined a worldwide candlelit vigil in protest of America’s immigration policies as part of the Lights for Liberty movement. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials were set to conduct raids Sunday in major U.S. cities, including Atlanta, over the weekend. Although the raids never happened, protestors raised awareness about the conditions in migrant detention centers — two of which are in Georgia.

First Gender-Neutral Children’s Clothing Store Opens in Atlanta

Step Up Magazine: June 20, 2019

Mini Friday isn’t specifically for kids who identify as gender-neutral or non-binary, but it normalizes the idea that clothing isn’t tied to gender expression at all, setting an important precedent for all parents and kids.

“Normalizing gender-neutral clothing choices has the potential to impact children in positive ways regardless of their gender identification because it encourages positive self-definition,” Dr. Roberta Chevrette, a professor of Communication Studies and Women’s & Gender Studies at Middle Tennessee State University, told Step Up Magazine.

Why It’s So Difficult To Leave Abusive Relationships, Explained By A Therapist

Step Up Magazine: May 21, 2019

Jeanette Raymond is a licensed clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, and relationship expert who treats those in abusive relationships from her private practice in Los Angeles. She told Step Up Magazine that there is an important psychological element keeping victims attached to their partners.

‘Justice for Jibri:’ Two sentenced in 2016 killing of Mercer student-athlete

The Cluster: March 27, 2019

Nearly three years after he took on the homicide case of 23-year-old Mercer student and basketball player Jibri Bryan, District Attorney David Cooke said he feels justice has finally been served. Bryan, a graduate student in the business school and standout player for the Bears, died Feb. 2, 2016 when he was shot during a drug deal in downtown Macon.

Federal report suggests Wells Fargo charged some Mercer students excessive fees through university partnership

The Cluster: Jan. 29, 2019

Wells Fargo, the bank that provides optional financial services to Mercer students through a partnership bringing the university nearly $40,000 each year, may charge students higher fees than other banks with similar college programs. The information was released in a report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in late 2018.

Trump endorses Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp in Sunday visit to Macon

The Cluster: Nov. 5, 2018

United States President Donald Trump arrived at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport Nov. 4 to pledge support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp.

The president said that Kemp’s opponent, Democratic Minority House Leader Stacey Abrams, would endanger the historically red state with socialist policies and lax immigration laws.

Casey Cagle vs. Brian Kemp: A quick guide to the Republican runoff candidates for Georgia governor

Atlanta Magazine: July 21, 2018

On July 24, Republican voters can choose between Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp to be their nominee for Georgia governor. While they align on many platforms, the two differ slightly in a few key areas: Medicaid expansion, transportation, and their campaign personas.

Mona Chalabi delivers Women’s History Month lecture at Mercer

The Cluster: April 4, 2018

Pubic hair grooming injuries, the KKK, pantyhose sales, affirmative action, left-handed people, the wage gap, cervical dilation, nepotism, third nipples, the Red Fox population, pizza, the niqab, flu viruses, nose jobs and the probability that your pet will die on a plane: these are all topics that Mona Chalabi, data editor for The Guardian U.S., discussed during the Women’s History Month lecture on March 19 in the President’s Dining Room.

Women’s health services will still be offered at Student Health Center after departure of OB/GYN

The Cluster: March 3, 2018

Mercer University’s Student Health Center (SHC) still provides various women’s health services even though there is no longer an OB-GYN working at the clinic. Most of these services are now performed by Kacie Milholen.

Dr. Keisha Callins, M.D. served as part-time OB-GYN and women’s health consultant for the SHC from January to September 2017. She said that she left her official position at the SHC to practice in medically underserved areas of Jones and Twiggs Counties, where she said there is no other OB/GYN.

Campus leaders recognized by United Nations for their work with female empowerment club

The Cluster: Oct. 11, 2017

Seniors Shelsea Chilumuna and Unnati Patel traveled to Washington, D.C. in September to participate in the United Nations’ 2017 Leadership Symposium. The U.N. invited them to attend upon reviewing their application for a grant to help fund programming for their campus organization, GirlUp.