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Macon’s Long-Awaited Amazon Fulfillment Center Provides More Than Twice The Jobs They Promised

Center for Collaborative Journalism Reports: Sept. 19, 2019

If you ask General Manager Corey Landry, Macon’s new Amazon fulfillment center is “where grit meets soul.” That internal motto was chosen for the 1.1 million-square-foot facility to reflect Amazon’s core values as well as Macon’s own slogan, “where soul lives.”

So far, Landry said, his associates resonate with that message.

Macon Woman Wants Mental Health Care Available To All

Georgia Public Broadcasting: Aug. 10, 2019

It’s 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning just after the Fourth of July, and Nancy Cleveland is on the move.

She joins a group of about 20 Macon residents in Central City Park to help them harness the power of nature as a healing force. They’ve come to participate in a program called Walk With A Doc, bearing ailments from major depression to hypertension. Cleveland—a 2019 recipient of the annual Emerging City Champions (ECC) grant — walks with them.

Catcalling, While Not Illegal, Is A Common Threat That Women Face

Georgia Public Broadcasting: July 30, 2019

When she was a freshman at Mercer University, Clare Reverri didn’t have a car on campus. She relied on the bus to take her to Walmart, the grocery store and downtown. One weekend, as she stood at the bus stop, an SUV full of men pulled up next to her, rolled their windows down and started making comments about her body. One of them yelled, “Can I tap that?”

In Macon, It’s Just A Ticket For Some Cannabis

Georgia Public Broadcasting: July 9, 2019

Getting caught with cannabis in Macon-Bibb County just isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be.

Previously, you could pick up a $1,000 fine and serve up to a year in jail. Earlier this year, however, county commissioners voted to reduce the penalty to a $75 ticket for an ounce or less of pot with no possibility of jail time.

In Search Of Flannery O’Connor’s Peacocks

Georgia Public Broadcasting: June 25, 2019

Once you turn onto the dirt road leading up to Andalusia, it’s easy to forget that you’re in a college town and not a rural 1950s farmland.

Flannery O’Connor’s historic home appears almost exactly as it did when she lived in Milledgeville, with a notable exception: the writer’s famous aviary, which once housed more than 40 peacocks, has been whittled down to just two of the colorful birds and moved to the opposite end of the backyard.

This month, researchers broke ground on an archaeological dig at Andalusia, hoping to find the exact location of O’Connor’s peacock pens.

Summer Meals Are Heating Up for Hungry Kids in Macon

Georgia Public Broadcasting: June 18, 2019

Most kids who rely on free or reduced-price lunch during the school year lose that steady source of food when the summer begins.

To help compensate for lost meals, counties across the state participate in the United States Department of Agriculture’s Summer Food Service Program. Schools, parks and other USDA-designated meal sites provide free breakfast and lunch to students in need.

In Macon, A Mile-Long Line For Jobs

Georgia Public Broadcasting: June 5, 2019

Over 3,500 job hunters waited in a mile-long line stretching down Eisenhower Parkway in Macon for a warehouse job fair at the Anderson Conference Center June 4. Some applicants left early after hearing that Amazon, the largest employer, was not hiring or conducting interviews on site.

“They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat:” Exploring the Macon Jewish identity through food

Center for Collaborative Journalism Reports: Jan. 24, 2019

When Rabbi Aaron Sataloff moved to Macon from Los Angeles last year, he had to adjust from the vibrant Jewish community he knew to the Southeast, where Jews comprise a tiny minority. To stay connected to his culture, Sataloff decided for the first time to abide by kashrut, a set of laws in the Jewish faith that applies to everything from work to diet.